About us

This is intended to be a quick glance at potential threats, hazards, and unstable situations that could affect those living in North America. Some items are in other parts of the world but have the potential to affect North America. The objective is to have a brief summary that can be checked each morning for things to stay alert for and be aware of. The web site is, for the most part, a collection of data sources from government web sites and from private web sites with permission granted for use. Where appropriate, maps and graphics are used to more quickly convey information and to keep the web site relatively automated.

The NOAA and USGS maps are linked directly to the source. The Watch, Warning, and Advisory Display map is updated every 5 minutes (Time shown on the maps is in UTC). Other maps are updated less frequently.

Adjutant Briefing is compiled as a public service of Adjutant Workshop, Inc. It first went online in 2002 for our own personal use. Word spread until it is where it is today.

All sources are believed to be in the public domain or non-copyrighted. If you believe something on this site is protected by copyright, please contact us so that we can correct the situation. Thank you.